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Art & Culture

Reviving Culture through Sports, Performing, Dramatic and Fine Arts

The Ramayana and the Mahabharata have continued to rivet and inspire generations of Indians through their archetypal power & portrayal of ideals that underpin and vitalise Indic culture.
Over the centuries, various expressions of culture, viz. performing, dramatic, fine and cinematic arts have been inspired by and in turn enriched the multifarious folklore and mythology of the Indian heritage.
New expressions in each of these art and cultural forms have also emerged, drawing creative sustenance from ancient native traditions and forms.
One cannot but wonder if the stories preserved in palm manuscripts and conveyed by word-of-mouth via storytellers, mothers and grandmothers could mould an entire people? Which carefully crafted narratives presented through the greatest drama, music, cinema or performing art could potentially contribute to progress? Can a cultural revival inspire generations of Indians to pursue the highest in their lives; thereby lifting our nation from its current state, to a new ideal? Can great works of myth & literature be re-contextualised to glean learnings relevant to modern times? What could the ingredients of this great renaissance in art and drama be?
Together we’re endeavouring to engage with a passionate new breed of dramatists, actors, painters, dancers, musicians and cinematographers, seeking to express the essence of India in their work; which promises to evolve into a great and momentous outpouring of culture, that will impact all aspects of our glorious country.