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About Transform India

At the stroke of midnight on August 15th 1947, a people made that historic tryst with destiny and liberated themselves from the yoke of British imperialism.
Yet 73 years later, while the soil beneath our feet is free, our minds remain hopelessly colonised.
Slavish imitation of the West, may give us the illusion of short-term progress but will neither bring us lasting impact, nor help us achieve our highest and truest potential.
A great national self-discovery and abundant self-expression in all areas of our individual and collective life is the need of the hour.
Transformindia.com is the platform that will spearhead this initiative.
Bringing together like-minded people, it will enable collaboration to rediscover our greatness; for in this self-discovery and new forms of self-expression alone, will lie our true freedom!
Come partner with us as we work towards this Freedom, which alone can be the basis on which India can realize its true destiny and take its rightful place in the world arena!
This is a two year action research program where change makers and mentors will be working together to make each of these action areas a reality. If you feel inspired to contribute, Please apply here!