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Politics & Governance

Recreating New Models of Politics and Governance

Sri Aurobindo opined 100 years ago that the Parliamentary form of democracy was not the right model for India. Way back in the early 20th century, he suggested a Presidential form of Government with a strong grass-root level Panchayat system as Ideal for New India. This model of governance would strengthen micro cultures, societies and economies, by understanding local needs and providing creative solutions to local problems.
If what we need is a Presidential form of democracy with a very strong grassroots level Panchayat Raj system, how should this system be? What are the parallels that exist in the world? What can be learnt from them? What can we learn from other political models that have existed in various human cycles and civilisations? Can we design a new form of governance that will suit India’s national and collective soul, without reneging on the legacy learnings of its political and social structures? What can be the definition of true democracy that India can help to create and be a model for as humanity embarks upon the Spiritual Age?
Join us as we explore these questions and more in conversation with thought leaders in the domain, as we co-create new models of politics and governance for India.