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Health & Wellness

Researching & Restoring Holistic Practices in Health & Well-Being

Allopathy or ‘modern medicine’ dominates medical practice in India and across the world today. While Ayurveda and other traditional systems are considered holistic, they lack the updates and empirical research necessary to help them claim their rightful place in mainstream medicine.

While a start in this direction has been made through initiatives like AYUSH, a complete integration of holistic/alternative practices with modern medicine is the crying need of the hour. Specially in areas where the latter is grappling with preventive care and cure for chronic maladies. Interestingly, while the former takes into cognisance the ‘whole person’ and attempts to treat illnesses at their source, the latter is highly geared to symptomatic treatment and emergency relief.
Can there be a melding of the best from ancient Indian medicine with contemporary developments in medical science, practice and patient care? Can a platform be created whereon these different streams could be synthesised? How can traditional medicines be brought up-to-date through research? How can preventive (by this we mean more than diagnostic) healthcare be a part of the medical mainstream? Is there a new way of being and living to achieve true health and wellness?
Join us as we engage with leading medical professionals representing all the different streams, in recreating Indian medicine as the composite powerhouse of health and wellness for the future.