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Spirituality & Consciousness

Rediscovering and Representing Spirituality as an Evolution of Consciousness

Every nation exists to bring its essence as a contribution to human evolution. For India that essence is Spirituality, the quest for the eternal and the infinite! It has been the fountainhead of Indian culture and the foundation of its individual and collective soul!
But what is the true Indian concept of life-affirming spirituality and how can it be discovered and expressed? Through the cycles/spirals of human history how has this urge for self-perfection, self-realisation and self-expression occupied the Indian mind? What can we learn from these cycles of self-expression, that will guide the present? If “man is a transitional being”, as per Sri Aurobindo and “the ever advancing pilgrim” as per the Vedas, where is he headed? How is Sri Aurobindo’s evolution of consciousness different from Darwinistic concepts of evolution?
The answers to these and other questions lie hidden along the three steps of transformation: the psychic, the Spiritual and the Supramental, corresponding to the individual, the cosmic and transcendental aspects of our being.
Can the individual’s ascent to the Supermind, the fourth state of 'turiya' and its descent into mind, life and body then be the new portal to represent the Indian worldview of the evolution of consciousness? Was true Indian spirituality just a quest for individual liberation or was it in the upanishadic vein, 'tena tyaktena bhunjitha' an effort to establish and enjoy the 'kingdom of heaven' on earth armed with a liberated consciousness?
Join us and other thought leaders on this fascinating journey of self and collective re-discovery, of the quintessential Indian worldview that the world is seeking, as it stands at the crossroads of the future. If you feel inspired to bring a change in this action area.

The projects envisioned under spirituality & consciousness are:

1.   Introduction to the Vedic and Upanishadic Vision in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
2.   Learnings from the Gita for the 21st Century
3.   Spiritual Solutions to the Crisis facing the World Today: Climate Change, Mental Health, Partition of India, Crisis of Leadership
4.   Establishing True Individuality through Spirituality (Research in Consciousness Studies)
5.   Symbolism as a way of  Indian Thought (Puranas, Upanishads, Vedas)
6.   School Curriculum for introduction to Spirituality & Consciousness. 
7.   University Curriculum for Spirituality & Consciousness