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Maths & Pure Sciences

Reviewing Maths & Pure Sciences in an Indian Light

The number system, the concept of zero, solutions of quadratic equations, rules for negative numbers, the basis for calculus, the atomic doctrine, the idea of universal gravitation, and smelting of zinc and steel are just a few of the biggest contributions of ancient India to the world of math, pure and applied sciences.
Today, while many scholars and professors of mathematics or the sciences in leading universities around the world are Indians, most students at school or post graduate level know little about the history great Indian mathematicians and scientists like Baudhayana, Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Mahavira, Bhaskara and Nilakantha and the significance of their contributions.
This lack of knowledge and lack of pride in one’s culture leads to the best talent in these fields wanting to migrate to developed countries. It seems like our leading institutes of science and technology are incubators that nurture resources for the west.
Can the knowledge of science in the texts of Vaisheshika and the other works be popularised? Is it possible that there can be an Indian approach to teaching and learning science? Can an ecosystem of excellence in maths and pure sciences be created? Will this rediscovery of Indian texts of maths and sciences empower our youth to dive deep to find hidden treasures waiting to be discovered? Most importantly, would Indian sciences help find solutions to the contemporary crisis confronting physics that has required the postulation of dark matter and dark energy as constituting 95% of the universe, and also find a way to resolve the problem of consciousness.
If questions and challenges like these are what piques your interest, join us in a vision casting initiative towards evolving a new paradigm, through which we can look at the future of mathematics and pure sciences in India.