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Business & Economics

Redesigning Business and New Models of Economics (Work in progress)

Ever since the time of the colonisers, there has been a conscious effort to aggregate manufacturing and industry in large cities, specially those on the coastline or close to it. Besides facilitating commerce and trade, the very people who kept the wheels of industry turning, also comprised a growing consumer base for the imported products dumped on Indian soil. Welcome
This resulted in rural India becoming the country’s food basket, while urban India turned out to be flourishing centres for business, industry and trade. Since then, mass migration from rural India to cities became the norm, resulting in a host of urban issues that could remain unresolved; until a new paradigm is worked upon for business and economics.
On virtually every economic parameter, rural India continues to lag behind urban India in terms of progress. Be it GDP composition, rural livelihood and employment, poverty estimates, literacy levels or health indicators. The current situation has widened the divide.
Can a reengineering of development planning and economic modelling, give us a glimpse of the mountaintop from the valley our country currently is in? Is reverse migration back to flourishing rural India a distinct possibility; and what needs to be done for it to happen? Do the hitherto untapped native resources and advances in various fields actually play a part in redesigning business and a new future for economics?
Join us in creating inspiring conversations with leaders from business, industry, economics and polity, to examine these key questions and issues that will spearhead the new economic revolution of our great country. If you feel inspired to contribute.